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What do you think your belongings are worth? Conducting a thorough home inventory might be an eye-opening experience. The value of your furniture, DVD collection, clothing, books and moveable appliances can really add up.

Why do you need renter’s insurance?  Just because your landlord has coverage doesn’t mean that you do. In most cases, your landlord’s insurance policy covers only structural damage to the building itself. If the structure goes up in flames, your landlord’s coverage would include repairs to the building, but not reimburse you for your possessions. Renter’s insurance protects your possessions in case of a covered loss from fire, smoke, lightening, vandalism and theft. It also extends beyond on-premises theft and hazards, covering property that is stolen from your car, or is lost or damaged anywhere you happen to be.

Is coverage affordable? Because renter’s insurance covers only the value of your belongings, not the building, the premium is relatively inexpensive. For about the same cost as going to the movies once a month, you can gain peace of mind…regardless of life’s unexpected mishaps.