A culture of doing the right things.

Anyone can promise great service, but not everyone can deliver it. At the Strickler Agency, we’ve built a culture around doing the right things. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these client testimonials to see exactly what our clients have to say.

"I have been involved with the ChamberPlus insurance program for several years and have had my membership cost in the Chamber reimbursed many times over through the dividend reimbursement program provided by Penn National Insurance. This past year my reimbursement rebate paid my membership dues in the Chamber by over 10 times the amount my annual dues cost! Membership does pay!"

Joseph McCorkel, PresidentMcCorkel Construction Services

“In the business world where everything is constantly changing, we are proud to say that for 15 years, Strickler Agency continues to serve our insurance needs. We have the finest agent, Pam VanPelt, who always has our best interest in mind. Pam is always professional, well organized, and very thorough in her presentations. She assists us in evaluating cost saving options for our company during the renewal process, and all through the year. Everyone we deal with at the agency handles our requests in an efficient and friendly manner. It’s always a pleasure to call the office and receive a welcoming response from whoever answers. We are happy with the website and the technology that allows us to make requests and file reports via the Internet. The Strickler Agency offers a wide variety of business insurance options and they have the dedicated staff to support the needs of the customer.”

Rose Metal Systems

“When I first started driving as a teenager in 1968, I began using The Strickler Agency for my insurance needs. Throughout the past forty-plus years, with one brief diversion, I’ve remained a loyal Strickler customer for all my personal insurance needs because of their competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. For one year in the early 1980’s I was enticed away from The Strickler Agency by a smooth-talking competitor, but happily returned to the friendly folks at Strickler’s the following year. While I sometimes compare the advertised “bargain rates” from the e-insurance crowd on TV, coverage for coverage, Strickler’s always comes up the winner. Check it out for yourself.”


“We’ve been a customer of the Strickler Agency and Westfield Insurance since 2005. I’m never disappointed by the level of service we receive. I’ve found the Strickler employees to be very courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable about their insurance products and services. Recently, we’ve had insurance claims and I felt they were handled in a fair and prompt manner. I recommend the Strickler Agency to my family and friends!”


“Our company started in 1975. We have been a member of the Chamber for many years. They offer a large array of programs to assist local businesses. One of which is the ChamberPlus Dividend Program. As a result of this program, our company has received a dividend check the last two years. An amount that far exceeds our annual dues. Thanks much to the Chamber as well as the Stickler Agency.”

Pete FairMerrick & Fair

“The Chamber Plus Program resulted in our company receiving a dividend from our insurance company for each of the last two years. This program and the rewards it provides is a comfort in years when insurance costs are rising. We recommend the Chamber and its benefits to any company in the region. The informational opportunities are also appreciated. Not many “win-win’s” in today’s business environment.”

USA Spares, Inc.

“I’ve shopped our insurance program a few times and have never found anyone to beat the price we get from the Strickler Agency, and I'm glad about that. We get the best service from them and don't want to be tempted to sacrifice that type of performance. A few years ago, Pam VanPelt told us about the ChamberPlus program with Penn National Insurance, and now we receive huge rebate checks every year. Strickler Agency is the insurance resource we need for our business."

Dan Turner, PresidentTurner Hydraulics, Inc.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I am with your detail to customer satisfaction. A lot of companies today brag about how cheap their rates are but say little about customer satisfaction. In my experience I have found that some companies will give you an extremely cheap rate to hook you and after that first year there rate may go up substantially. While I’m all for getting the best rate possible, cheapest is not necessarily always the best. I go by the motto of buying the best product as cheap as possible. I can honestly say that your company is extremely competitive and customer service is impeccable. I also found that while a company may have a good price on one product like home owners or personal auto policies. Other products that they offer say like workers compensation and/or maybe farm owners policy can be extremely high. Case in point I used to be with a another company and found myself needing to buy workers compensation insurance. For some reason I assumed that the state sets the workers compensation rate and boy was I ever wrong. I checked the price for workers compensation insurance from a past company and there rate was $11 per hundred dollars of payroll. Through further investigation I found that you could actually buy workers compensation from the state at about $7.50 per hundred dollars of payroll. I called you and found out that I could actually buy workers compensation from you for about $6.90 per hundred dollars of payroll, big difference. I also learned that rates are not set by the state but the company has the ability to set rates according to what their loss ratio is, quite an education!”


“Strickler went the extra mile to assure client satisfaction and confidence in my experience. I am so appreciative of your understanding. Losing my ring was very sad for me as it holds sentimental value as well. Not being able to replace this ring would have been extremely hard for me. I have been a client of Strickler for approximately 38 years and I plan to continue for many more years due to the good service!”


“Now that I’m retired, I finally have an opportunity to do a few things that time did not allow previously. So often, a business such as yours gets inundated with negatives, seldom hearing the good things and getting thanks for the great things that you do. Frequently, friends and business associates of mine ask why I choose to do business with a firm in Chambersburg, miles from my home, rather than one closer to home. Easy answer—– TRUST —– PROFESSIONALISM–QUALITY PERSONNEL–and COMFORT!!! After a 40+ year career in the primary and reinsurance business, dealing with Agencies throughout the U.S. and several foreign countries I like to believe I am able to select a “class operation” to handle my personal insurance affairs. The STRICKLER AGENCY fits the bill! Thanks so much for all your help over the past 20+ years. Hope we have many more to come.”


“The service and satisfaction Strickler Agency has shown us is above and beyond our expectations. Through Strickler Agency we were made aware of Penn National Insurance and their participation in the Chamber of Commerce's ChamberPlus program. We received our first dividend check this year. The amount we received was remarkable. In a time where small businesses are often pushed to the wayside, it's wonderful to see that Penn National Insurance and the Chamber of Commerce treat all members as equals and will work just as hard for a business of 15 employees as they would for a business of 1,000. Thank you!"

Mike RoweRowe's Print Shop

"Brent Gates, GSP, the Risk Manager with the Strickler Agency, Inc. is a subject matter expert in safety related items. He is knowledgeable, professional and organized. It is a pleasure to work with Brent and he truly has been an extension of our safety and OSHA compliance. He takes the time to research topics for you and is a real time saver. I would highly recommend Brent and this partnership for any company."

Michelle H., HR DirectorLocal Construction Company

“Brent Gates, GSP, Risk Manager with Strickler Agency, Inc was very knowledgeable of safety issues and assisted us in a recent drivers meeting providing us with pertinent information and guidance moving forward with our transportation business. I would recommend reaching out to Brent to help with your safety issues or concerns.”

JenniferBrumbaugh Transport

“Franklin Feed has been grateful for the opportunity to work with Brent Gates and Strickler Agency. As a Risk Manager, Brent presents with knowledge. confidence, and authenticity. Brent has worked well with our team and we have appreciated his organization, attention to detail, and his motivation to position Franklin Feed for continued success. With Brent's guidance, we look forward to the continual pursuit of risk mitigation, best safety practices, up to date record keeping and required training. The opportunity to work with Brent has been an excellent added value from Strickler Agency.”

Angie M.Franklin Feed