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For nontexters, that means “Drive Now, Text Later” – a warning that could save your life.  On November 9, 2011, Governor Tom corbett signed a bill into law prohibing texting while driving in Pennsylvania.  Trying to read or write a text message while driving puts your attention on the phone and not on the road where it should be.  Not only is this dangerous, it will be against the law in PA effective March 8, 2012; with a potential fine of $50.

Do you think it’s OK for a doctor to be texting, emailing or carrying on an unrelated phone conversation while performing surgery?  It may sound silly, but a driver and doctor both have the safety of others in their hands.  Distracted driving isn’t just a problem with teens; drivers of all ages are susceptible to being a danger when distracted.   

Text messaging is a useful way to communicate quickly, but safety should never be traded for convenience.  If you must make a phone call or text, pull off of the road in a safe area first.  Glancing down for just a few seconds can be a life or death situation.  Protect yourself and others — put down the phone when you’re behind the wheel.