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You’ve heard it a thousand times…but do you buckle up every time? Here’s a startling statistic: in a frontal vehicle collision at 30 mph, an unbelted driver continues to move forward and will hit the windshield at the same velocity that a person would face hitting the ground after falling out of a third-story window. Not wearing a safety belt can be deadly if you get into an accident! Remember the following the next time you get behind the wheel:

• Buckling up is the law! Every state but New Hampshire has laws for wearing seat belts, and it is a primary law in 33 states.
• Sixteen states allow the “safety belt defense,” which can reduce damages collected by someone in a crash if the person failed to buckle up.
• Depending on the state, you may also receive a citation if any passengers in the car are unbuckled. Be aware of your state’s laws.
• Just because you’re in a big vehicle doesn’t mean you’ll be safer.

Always follow a simple safety belt rule — buckle up, or don’t budge.