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By May 29, 2015August 19th, 2016Life & Health Insurance

Healthcare Reform (Obamacare) continues to take a toll on individuals and small businesses.  Under the new Adjusted Community Rating process, many small employers and individuals are starting to feel the negative impact.  Trying to set a price that encompasses both the sick and healthy under one umbrella has downfalls.  Last year most insurance providers were subsidized if they lost money in the first year of the new rating process.  This year, that funding doesn’t appear to be there; so they’re going to try and collect their losses is through huge premium spikes.  Premium Taxes (PCORI fees, Transitional Reinsurance Fees, and other taxes) have also contributed to the increases.  When the healthy don’t jump in, and the sick will pay whatever premiums necessary, it could spell disaster.  It may be sooner than some expected.  Click on the article for more information: